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Experience a high quality meeting like no other at Villa Upinniemi located by the seat at Upinniemi, Kirkkonummi. Great place for successful business meetings. Whether you’re planning your family reunion, youth outing, wedding, conference, corporate event, meeting or just a party, our staff will make it happen. says:

Finns have a great love for their beautiful natural environment. The transition from an agricultural economy has been very fast and quite late compared to many other western societies. Therefore, many people who live in towns today come originally from the country side and still visit their old hometowns regularly where they have a holiday home. There are some 450,000 holiday homes dotted around Finland, typically beside lakes or the sea, or on islands. The Finns’ deep sense of connectedness to nature is also partly intertwined with their need for solitude. For many Finns the forest or sea is a place for peace and solace.

Like ‘Keith Warburton’ says:

No section on business entertaining in Finland would be complete without a mention of the Finnish sauna and its role in Finnish life. The sauna is a venerated Finnish tradition. (Business discussions may even be held in a sauna). Business lunch or dinner may be preceded or followed by a sauna. All Finns sauna naked and, although you do not have to sauna naked, it is considered strange not to. Finns insist on punctuality for social occasions.

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